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Steering Ahead of the Curve: Exploring Emerging Marketing Trends

Leading in the world of business can feel like navigating untamed waters. Especially so when innovation can come in so fiercely, bringing with them emerging trends that redefine how we approach marketing. You are not alone in trying to decide which are worth adopting. I am here to guide you through these trends, offering insights designed to drive your company's growth.

Rise of AI-Powered Marketing:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a feature of dystopian fiction. Powerful, intelligent, and refined, AI is reshaping how we engage with our customers. Tools like Salesforce’s Einstein are enabling us to anticipate customer behavior, streamline experiences, and drive conversions better than ever before. This is no longer a trend, but a shift in almost every industry.

Action: Select a few AI platforms and learn about how their basic functions and how other teams are already using them. You don't have to use them yet, but start listening and learning, to be able to understand how you might be able to take advantage of the right AI when you find it.

Integrated and Omnichannel Marketing:

Emerging trends are breaking silos and knitting together an integrated marketing approach. The subsequent importance of Omnichannel Marketing ensures that customers experience a seamless purchasing journey, irrespective of which platform they choose to engage on.

Action: Do an inventory review of your current processes and software. Make a baseline, and see what other members of your teams are recommending to streamline processes and create cohesive experiences. Many times there will already be "wishlists" that might lead you toward a more integrated approach.

Conversational Marketing:

Chatbots and live chats are the tip of the conversational marketing iceberg. The trend is inclining towards a two-way communication flow throughout the buyer's journey. Platforms like Drift allow businesses to engage with customers in real-time, solving their queries, and making suggestions.

Action: Where is there a break in the customer journey? Where is there a lot of "hands on" time from your sales or customer service teams? These are excellent pain points to examine as indicators of possible beneficial uses for these chatbots.

Shoppable Posts:

With the shortening attention span of customers, the time between wanting a product and owning it is diminishing. Emerging social media features such as shoppable posts made possible by platforms like Instagram Shopping may change the expectations of the buyer. Even in technology.

Action: This one is not for everyone. Do you have a product that you could sell without any human interaction? If you don't already, this is a huge opportunity for increased revenue. Start researching what it would take for your organization to implement such an experience.

Being Personal:

Personalization has always been a marketing golden rule. However, technology is taking this to new heights. It's now possible to craft tailored experiences based on users' behavior, preferences, and historical data. As an example, tools such as Optimizely makes personalization easier and more effective.

Action: Do you have brand guidelines? Do you know your voice, tone, and personas? If not, this is where you start. Consistency in brand voice will be key for success in personalizing an authentic customer experience.

Interactive Content:

Interactive content plays into the human tendency to engage and participate. It creates a delightful experience for customers and is more captivating than traditional content formats. This includes quizzes, polls, calculators, VR/AR experiences, and more.

Action: With so many automated options of how to engage, start small with social media interactivity and look for other places that a gamification could drive more engagement or conversion.

Sustainability-driven Marketing:

In a world becoming more conscious of its environmental footprint, sustainability is no longer a 'nice-to-have'. Brands are differentiating themselves based on their eco-friendly practices. Sustainability-driven marketing is quickly becoming a determinant of customer choice.

Action: Don't jump on this bandwagon unless it fits with executive vision and company culture. Consumers are too savvy now for false sincerity.

You, as a growth-focused leader, are poised on the cusp of a fascinating revolution. You understand that embracing these emerging trends isn't merely a matter of staying relevant—it's about steering the course of your growth, carving a unique trail in the business landscape.

Are these trends igniting a spark in you? I am here, eager to engage in further discussion, to explore how you can embody these trends in your unique marketing strategy. Remember, in this fast-paced voyage of business growth, you are not sailing alone. As your trusted advisor, let's conquer these transformations together.


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