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In more than 12+ years as a high-performing marketing leader, long-time consultant, and organizational observer, I saw time and again how critical the right information at the right time was to employees, managers, and leadership teams. I became passionate about helping others gain the tools they needed to win in whatever their goals were. From helping young professionals understand how they contribute to their specific organization, to advising senior leaders on how to manage significant change to achieve growth, I've been able to take part in changing not only organizations but communities.  

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Building Human-Centric Teams that Win Big

Executives are paid to think of the bottom line. While focusing on the company’s bottom line, they entrust their managers with the responsibility of keeping the business moving forward. In today’s working climate, leaders seem to be less sure of how to support their diversely working teams while juggling resource cuts and the pressure to do more with less.


The answer starts with human-centric teams and the way that focusing on the individuals of your team can have a direct impact on ROI. This talk will define three key skills and behaviors that can change the course of teams and keep talent inspired and productive.

For more than five years now, I’ve been blacksmithing regularly. First as a hobby, then as a way to slow down and survive the pandemic. In the process, I started observing how hobbies aren’t just time spent on something fun but a critical component to more creativity, problem-solving, and establishing margin to do your best work.

Learn how you can use the same principles that blacksmiths use at the forge to shape the way your business and teams grow. 

How Blacksmithing Can Build Better Businesses

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Remarkable Marketing Podcast

Remarkable Marketing Podcast

Profound Professionals Podcast

Profound Professionals Podcast

Managed Chaos Podcast

Managed Chaos Podcast

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