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Case Studies

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Please not that all materials here are real case studies that have been scrubbed of identifying information. These case studies may be partial or incomplete due to proprietary, attorney/client privileged, attorney work product, confidential, or otherwise priveleged information. 

2021 Homepage - After.jpg

Before and after pictures of the front page of the website. Additional images available upon request.

Website Rebrand


  • Establishing an "enterprise ready" brand, with more than 4 sister sites, 500 webpages, 2 vendors, and cross-departmental stakeholders

  • Competitive analysis, data analysis, and industry trends were used to guide and direct decisions.

  • Execution included regular briefings with the CMO, VPs, and other key stakeholders on various pages.​


  • Project included establishing priorities for a UI/UX vendor, Drupal developer and 5 internal developers. Project spanned 6 months, and included an overhaul to the CMS system.  

  • Owned the development of web-specific assets, focusing on customer journey and using split testing to develop customer data on best practices for user experience. 

  • Sister sites developed include blog, customer engagement site, helpdesk, developer portal, and more. Each having their own sub-branding, while maintaining brand integrity. 

Abbreviated Marketing strategy plan


  • Startup with two years operational, mostly sales and product employees

  • Three key customer demographics to consider

  • Establishing marketing and brand strategy for 3-year revenue growth


  • Marketing strategy included extensive industry research, competitive analysis, establishing customer and buyer personas, sales to marketing pipeline analysis, digital marketing plan, new brand development including logo creation and brand guidelines. 

  • Digital marketing plan spanned a three year scope to project how paid to organic costs and income align to projected sales in both buyer and consumer markets.

  • Website overhaul, sales enablement materials, product development, and more as part of this rebranding plan. 

Portfolio-pictures to be cropped (4).jpg

Rebrand from Visit Wine Country to VineFinder

Example work from the marketing materials and communication plan

Global Communication Program


  • Department-wide strategy (200+), with global adoption and impact (8000+)

  • Internal and external audiences (inside and outside of the company)

  • High impact, high risk

  • Small group of administrators with special training


  • Internal marketing needs included digital signage, project launch strategy planning, rebranding, change management, publicity initiatives, workplace innovation and design, more 

  • Resistance planning

  • Publicity campaigns, publications, award coordination

  • 3-5 year communication strategy created for real estate department

  •  Change management program developed and launched

Example work from the marketing materials and communication plan

Sustainability Campaign


  • Global adoption

  • Pilot for 4 regional headquarters immediately impacted (about 600 people)

  • Internal, eventual company-wide audience

  • Low impact, high risk

  • Awareness, education, and reinforcement plan needed


  • Implementation plan developed

    • Communication strategy included pre-written emails, marketing strategy, key messages, and risk assessments 

  • Creative implementation for how to use marketing materials already developed for the project. 

  • Resistance analysis conducted

  • Industry recognized data reinforcement needed

  • Executive sponsor and collaboration used

Example work from the marketing materials and communication plan

Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) System Launch


  • Global adoption

  • 200 people

  • 3 month focus

  • Internal, company-wide audience

  • Low impact, low risk

  • Small group of administrators


  • Internal marketing needs included digital signage, posters, email announcements, 

    • All materials were developed by Rachel

  • Resistance plan

  • Re-branding enforcement needed

  • Communication strategy created for long-term adoption

Change Management- BlueHornet Acquisition


  • Company acquisition change management strategy, global impact, cross-departmental incorporation

  • Internal audiences

  • Full Impact Index assessment included risk evaluation, strategy strength assesment, group evaluation summaries, management evaluation summaries, data based recommendations. 

  • Change strategy developed for a short-term, quick adoption 

Example of an Impact Index presentation to a priimary sponsor

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