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There's so much to learn, whether you're a new business owner , an entrepreneur-at-heart, or a long-time corporate entity. Through seminars, lunch'n'learns, or keynote addresses, take time to continue learning about things that influence your business, your career, and ultimately your brand. 



Each talk is tailored to the audience, and a consultation call is offered with all bookings. This allows for an understanding of needs, obstacles, and ultimate goals for your audience. Topics include: 


Managing Your Way Through a Recessions

Recessions are tough for employees and companies, and sometimes we forget that those on the front lines deciphering the information between executives and individual contributor can be the most critical part of retaining talent. Managers are essential to the success of growing organizations, both as the primary reason talent leaves a company and also the biggest contributor of change adaption. Do your managers have the tools they need to manage in tough times? This talk will define three key skills and behaviors that can change the course of teams and keep talent inspired through the unknown. 

Marketing 101: How to Redefine Your Brand and Your Voice  

For businesses trying to scale and grow their Marketing, infrastructure is often considered a "build as you fly" approach. If you want to redefine your brand, build your marketing programs, or consider alternative ways to reach your customers, understanding how to think big and work small makes all the difference. I'll talk you through how to build an infrastructure that allows you to pivot and grow, towards whatever your ultimate outcomes. 

We can also tailor a topic to you! Want to know more about a particular subject? Like something you already see? Let us know by filling out our contact form and we'll be in touch soon. 

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Meet the Speaker


It is my goal to influence others to strive for excellence, help businesses better connect to their customers through strategy, design, and communications, and to make a difference in my communities. 


Having worked in various sectors of business- from state, to small business, to non-profit, and corporate, my diverse portfolio of experience allows me to connect well with any customer. Your business is as unique as your needs, and I will be able to walk you through successful implementation and change that enables you towards growth.


Through my previous roles, I have established global and individual communication strategy processes, managed content migrations to a new interactive web-based platforms, developed change management processes, launched global communication programs, directed PR and marketing teams, and developed workplace innovation processes.

Rachel Anderson
Founder, CEO

Phone: 510-390-2444

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